About Fresh to You

The Fresh to You Fundraiser is a healthy fruit and vegetable fundraising alternative for those schools that are currently participating in the BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program (BCSFVNP).

The objective of the program is to sell healthy bundles of locally grown produce to family and friends in order to assist with schools’ fundraising initiatives. The Fresh to You Fundraiser is a great way to promote healthy food choices while making a 40% profit for your school.

To participate your school should be interested in:

  • Promoting healthy food choices
  • Selling top quality fresh produce from BC suppliers
  • Accessing new information and recipes for students and families about fresh locally grown vegetables
  • Making a 40% profit on the produce bundles sold

The healthy bundles include locally grown, seasonal produce.

Sample Fall Fundraiser









* Final item list and prices may vary slightly

Fall Fundraiser Delivery Schedule

  • June 5 to September 22  — Application online form is available to schools enrolled in the BCSFVNP
  • September 29  — acceptance or non-acceptance by BCAITC
  • September 30 to October 22— your school sells produce bundles
  • October 23— submit orders and payment to BCAITC
  • November 20 to 30— schools receive produce

Congratulate students and volunteers on a successful, healthy fundraiser!














Fresh to You Program Poster (PDF)



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