How Do You Apply? Application deadline for Fall: Sep. 22nd!

The Fresh to You Fundraiser is available to all BC K-12 public schools and K-12 BC First Nations schools participating in the BCSFVNP.

Is your school currently enrolled in the Fresh to You Fundraiser?

The Fresh to You Fundraiser is offered in the fall of each school year. Schools must re-apply by completing and submitting an online application form each year.


Is your school interested in applying to the Fresh to You Fundraiser?

  1. Your school must first meet all of the conditions on our requirements to participate list to be eligible.
  2. School selection is based on the supplier’s ability to deliver to your area.
  3. BCAITC will notify all schools who are currently enrolled in the BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program by email, advising coordinators and principals when we are accepting online application forms.
  4. The online application form must be completed and submitted through your school login. This submission form is considered an application only and is not confirmation that the school has been accepted into the program.
  5. Schools will be advised of their acceptance or non-acceptance by email from BCAITC. Once accepted, your school login will include the necessary forms and support materials needed to proceed with the program.


Requirements to Participate

  • Your school must be currently enrolled in the BCSFVNP.
  • The school must create a fundraising team and select a team coordinator to oversee the program and communicate with the BCAITC representative.
  • The school is responsible for creating an assembly team of parents, students and volunteers to unload the orders from the delivery truck, assemble the orders for distribution, and arrange to get the bundles to the customers.
  • The school must provide adequate space and personnel to receive the total order. The driver of the delivery truck cannot assist in unloading the vegetables.




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