• 1.  Do we need to sell a minimum number of Healthy Bundles to qualify for participation?

    Yes, your school must sell a minimum of 50 Bundles (small or large) in order to qualify to participate. ᅠIf your school does not meet the minimum requirement, you will be unable to submit the online order form.

  • 2.  Is there a cost to participate in the fundraiser?

    As a participant in the program, your school will incur a $60 processing/handling fee. The charge will be added to the final payment in the online order from submitted to BCAITC.

  • 3.  Is tax included in the Healthy Bundles?

    No, the bundles are a flat charge. Fruit and vegetables aren't a taxable purchase.

  • 4.  Do the Healthy Bundles come already assembled?

    No, the school (or whichever group is fundraising) is responsible for hand-assembling each Healthy Bundle with the various commodities. Depending on the forecasted product, the items will arrive in their prepackaged sizes in 25-50 lb cases / bags.

  • 5.  How much product will we be unloading from the truck and how heavy are the bags?

    The amount of product that you will be unloading from the truck depends on how many Healthy Bundles your school sells.ᅠ For example, if your school sells 75 large Bundles, that will equal approximately 510 kg (1,125 lb) of produce, or one pallet, delivered in bulk packs that weigh an average of 22.6 kg (50 lb) each.ᅠ Volunteers helping with unloading of the pallet(s) should be capable of lifting and moving items weighing 22.6 kg (50 lb) each.

  • 6.  Will the wood palettes be picked up by the drivers after the product has been delivered?

    No. It will be the schools responsibility to dispose of the pallets.

  • 7.  What type of bags are we supplied with for assembling the Healthy Bundles?

    BCAITC will supply reusable bags that have been generously donated by the Canadian Produce Marketing Association. The reusable bags will arrive with the delivery of bulk bags of product.

  • 8.  How will I know how much product goes into each bundle and will I need a scale?

    No you don't need a scale to weigh the product going into each Healthy Bundle. Inside each bulk pack of product, the items are pre-weighed and pre-packaged according to the weights listed on the order form.

  • 9.  What do I do with extra product?

    It is your discretion as to what you do with extra product.

  • 10. What do I do if I receive spoiled product?

    Take an inventory of the spoiled product (ideally with pictures), and send to carla@aitc.ca. Spoiled product should not leave the school; we will get you replacement inventory as quickly as possible so you can fulfill your order. Compost the spoiled product.

  • 11. Where is the product grown?

    It is our primary objective to buy BC produce, from BC suppliers, through BC wholesalers.  Through this process we are supporting local businesses wherever we can. Substitutions may occur without notice as a result of unforeseen crop shortages due to adverse growing conditions.

  • 12. Is the product organic?

    Some product may be organic depending on the season, availability and cost. However, we cannot guarantee the bundles will include an organic item.

  • 13. Are these 'ready to eat' veggies, like the vegetables served on the BCSFVNP?

    No, these vegetables are for families to cook and prepare at home.

  • 14. Do I need FOODSAFE certification to run this program?

    FOODSAFE Level 1 certification is a requirement for participation in BCSFVNP. Only schools that are participating in the BCSFVNP are eligible for the Fresh To You Fundraiser.

  • 15. Do I need to have special software to run this program?

    No, your school will order via your school login provided by BCAITC.ᅠAll you need is an internet connection.

  • 16. How do I pay BCAITC for my school's order?

    Payments are accepted by cheque or Paypal. If paying by Paypal, additional processing fees will apply. Cheques are to be made out to and mailed to:

    BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation

    c/o Fresh to You Fundraiser

    202-2313 West Railway

    Abbotsford, BC  V2S 2E3


    All payments must be received by the posted due date, otherwise the order will be cancelled.

  • 17. What if I need a refund?

    We will not be set up to refund orders for customers who simply change their minds. If there are quality issues with the product, which we do not anticipate, it should not leave the school; we would work with you to get you replacement inventory as quickly as possible so you can fulfill your order. Therefore, no refunds should be necessary.

  • 18. How much notice will I receive, prior to my delivery?

    At minimum, 2 weeks.

  • 19. Do you offer prizes for students who sell the most bundles?

    Yes, recognition backpacks will be awarded to top producing schools, based on criteria that includes student population ratio and total net sales to school.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Fresh to You Fundraiser

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