Running Fresh to You


Getting Started


School Information and Login

Upon acceptance into the Fresh to You Fundraiser, each person who has been registered as a contact for the Program, is able to use their email address when signing into the school login. Each contact is responsible for setting up and maintaining their password. We recommend bookmarking the school login page to be able to access:

  • Program Resources
  • Online Order Form
  • FAQs
  • Delivery Summary
  • Recipes

Updating School Information

You can submit changes to your school's information using the appropriate online form on your school login:

  • For changes to general school information not related to the Fresh to You Fundraiser, such as Principal, student population, school address, etc., you can make those changes directly on the home page.  Click on the appropriate “Edit” button, underneath the information that you wish to change.


What to do once your school is accepted in the Fresh to You Fundraiser:

  1. Download the resources and support materials from your school login. Your team coordinator should review all materials with their fundraising team and students.
  2. Coordinate adequate space to receive the total order and create the bundles for your customers.

What to do once the Fresh to You Fundraiser begins in your school:

  1. Meet on a regular basis with your fundraising team to review progress.
  2. Since each school's goal is to sell a minimum of 50 healthy bundles, we recommend that team leaders organize minimums for each student.
  3. Display fundraising posters throughout the school and community to boost awareness of your Fresh to You Fundraiser.
  4. Coordinators distribute sales/order worksheets to fundraising participants selling the bundles to their friends and families.
  5. Participating students record their sales and submit their sales/order worksheets with payments to the coordinator who calculates the school's total sales prior to completing the online order form on your school login.

Submitting the Online Order Form and Payment

To access your online order form go to your school login. Payments are accepted by cheque or Paypal, additional processing fees will apply. Cheques are to be made out to and mailed to:

The BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation

c/o Fresh To You Fundraiser

202-2313 West Railway

Abbotsford, BC V2S 2E3

All payments must be received by the posted due date, otherwise the order will be cancelled.


Product Delivery Schedule

Your delivery dates will be posted on your school login. Ensure that your team of parents, students and volunteers are ready to; unload the orders from the delivery truck, assemble the orders for distribution, and arrange for distribution of the bundles to customers (or for customers to pick up their orders at school).


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