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About +MILK

Since its initial launch of 10 schools in 2005 to 1,464 BC K to 12 public schools and K to 12 BC First Nations schools in the 2014/2015 school year, the innovative BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program (BCSFVNP) has been providing children with an opportunity to enjoy the fresh taste of local fruits and vegetables. We are pleased to now offer, as a pilot, to children in Kindergarten to Grade 5 the opportunity to enjoy the fresh taste of local milk.

Why +MILK?

As with fruit and vegetables, we know that children aren’t meeting Canada's Food Guide Serving recommendations:

  • 37% of children aged 4 to 8 do not meet the minimum recommended number of servings of milk and alternatives each day. Children this age need 2 Food Guide Servings/day. A Food Guide Serving is equivalent to 8 oz. or 250 mL.

The problem grows as children get older and as the need for milk and alternatives increase:

  • 61% of boys and 83% of girls aged 9 to 16 fail to meet recommendations for consuming milk and alternatives. Children and youth in this age group need
    3–4 Food Guide Servings/day.

Providing an opportunity to get a small portion of milk during the school day makes good sense. It also makes good sense to start building good habits with the youngest children, which is why we are offering BCSFVNP +MILK to students in
Grades K to 5 as a pilot.

Funding for +Milk is provided by a partnership between the BC Dairy Association and the provincial government.

What are the key messages of +MILK?

  • To choose and enjoy the taste of local milk
  • To enjoy 2 Food Guide Servings of milk every day

For additional resources about milk and other nutritional programs visit the

BC Dairy Association.



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Supported by the Province of British Columbia and the
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