How Do You Apply?

+Milk is available to all schools participating in the BCSFVNP that deliver to Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Is your school currently enrolled in +MILK?

Once you are enrolled in +Milk there's no need to re-apply each year. You just need to complete our Annual Update Form (available on your school login in May) and submit it to us online by mid-June so we can update your school profile and carry you over to the next school year.

Is your school currently enrolled in the BCSFVNP and interested in applying to +MILK?

Please e-mail your request to

Is your school interested in applying to both the BCSFVNP and +MILK?

School selection is based on a first come first served basis for September enrollment. To apply for the BCSFVNP +MILK:

  1. Please review our list of requirements below to participate
  2. Complete and submit a BCSFVNP +MILK Application Form for new schools
    by the deadline
  3. If you have any questions about your application form contact:
  4. Fax the application form to our toll-free fax 1 (877) 825-6068
  5. Send a hard copy of your completed application form by mail to:

BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program
c/o BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation
Abbotsford Agriculture Centre
1767 Angus Campbell Road
Abbotsford, BC  V3G 2M3

Requirements to Participate in +MILK

  • Your school must be enrolled in the BCSFVNP.
  • Milk is only available for Kindergarten to Grade 5 students.
  • All K to 5 classrooms in your school must participate.
  • The school agrees that product will be consumed in a classroom setting and not replace recess or lunch items.
  • The school principal must indicate support of participation by signing the application form and providing his/her contact information.
  • The school must designate one +Milk Coordinator.
  • The school must fill out online log sheets, which are provided on your school login page for each school (access is assigned after acceptance), to track issues and successes.
  • The school understands it is their responsibility to provide adequate refrigeration for milk, stored at a maximum of 4° C (40° F) or lower.
  • The +Milk Coordinator must manage any allergy alerts.
  • The +Milk Coordinator must work with the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation (BCAITC) team and your school’s BCSFVNP In-School Coordinator.

BCSFVNP +MILK Application Form (PDF)


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