Running +MILK

Getting Started

Before +Milk begins in your school please view our list of requirements for participation. View our 9 minute instructional video for useful background information and to learn more about running +Milk.

What to do before +Milk begins in your school:

  1. Plan how to operate +Milk with the BC Agriculture in the Classroom (BCAITC) team and your school’s primary contact for +Milk.
  2. Work with your school’s primary contact to communicate information between your school and the BCAITC team.
  3. Remind your principal to distribute the BCSFVNP +MILK brochure to all Kindergarten to Grade 5 students enrolled in +Milk in September.
  4. Make a list or note of students that require a fortified soy beverage as identified by their parents on their reverse consent forms. Keep this list for reference throughout the year.
  5. Plan how you will distribute milk in your school. (i.e. recruit student volunteers or parents to help with distribution; consider distribution of milk with fruit or vegetable snacks etc).
  6. Ensure the school has adequate refrigeration to store 1 serving of milk for
    K to 5 students.
  7. Record and prepare to manage allergy alerts by being aware of any student or staff allergy profile.
  8. Coordinate reverse consent forms and ensure each student has received a BCSFVNP +MILK brochure.

+MILK Support Materials

Support materials for +Milk are included with the BCSFVNP support materials provided to schools upon joining the Program.


School Information and Login

Upon acceptance into +Milk, each person who has been registered as a contact for the Program, is able to use their email address when signing into the school login. Each contact is responsible for setting up and maintaining their password. We recommend bookmarking the school login page and accessing it once a week to check:

  • List of deliveries
  • Product Log Sheets
  • Delivery policies and FAQs
  • +Milk Classroom Information & Activity Sheets (available to download)

Updating School Information

You can submit changes to your school's information using the appropriate online form on your school login:

  • For changes to general school information not related to +Milk, such as Principal, student population, school address, etc., you can make those changes directly on the home page.  Click on the appropriate “Edit” button, underneath the information that you wish to change.
  • For changes specific to +Milk, such as +Milk In-School Coordinator, K to 5 student population, allergies to soy (product of soy beans), etc., there is a separate online form.  Click on “My info” link in the +Milk section, to get to the page that shows your school’s list of deliveries. Located in the upper right corner, click on the link “Edit my info”.

Product and Delivery Schedule

We will provide you with product 12 times over the school year with your fruit and vegetable delivery. Funding allows us one serving per K to 5 student per delivery. Access your product and delivery schedule on your school login.


  • If you have informed us of a school closure date, your delivery will be cancelled for that day.
  • There is no delivery of product during the weeks that have a statutory holiday on the Monday.
  • We require a minimum of 3 weeks' notice to cancel or reinstate a school's delivery date at the school's request (ie: Pro-D day, Sports Day, etc.)
  • No product deliveries are made between the dates of December 12th, 2016 to January 8th, 2017, and March 13th to April 2nd, 2017.
  • All product is delivered between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm on your delivery date.  Requests for exact delivery times cannot be accommodated.


Soy Beverage

  • For those students with dairy sensitivities, a fortified soy beverage can be requested.  This is delivered twice a school year, separate from your regularly scheduled deliveries. This product can be stored outside of the refrigerator and served when needed.

How do schools store the product?

For optimal freshness and taste, milk must be stored at 4 degrees C until served.

How does the product arrive?

Product will arrive in trays of 16 servings each, in yellow milk crates. The trays are to be unloaded by the school and the driver. The driver will take the yellow milk crates away immediately.


Will allergies affect deliveries?

Allergies to milk are rare, but when present in your school, follow the British Columbia Anaphylactic and Child Safety Frameworks and the Anaphylaxis Protection Order as mandated by the BC Ministry of Education. If we've been advised of a soy allergy for your school, your deliveries of fortified soy beverage will be automatically cancelled.

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