Program Support Materials

The following support materials and resources are provided to all schools upon joining the BCSFVNP:

A $250 one-time stipend cheque is provided upon enrollment in BCSFVNP, to be used to support the Program in the school.

This grant is to be used to cover costs that may be incurred to administer the Program at the school. Some schools have used the funds to purchase cups, toothpicks, and other materials that assist them in the distribution of products to the students according to FoodSafe requirements. As long as it is used in a manner that supports the implementation of the Program in the school, usage of the funds is at the school's discretion.

There will not be replacement cheques sent for lost or stale-dated stipend cheques.

Distribution Trays

  • Dimension:  approx. W38cm x L51cm x D15cm.
  • Complimentary serving trays are provided to all schools.
  • Each school receives one tray per classroom.
  • Place each classroom's allotment of produce in a tray to distribute to classrooms.
  • Trays are bright yellow and printed with our logo so that they are easy to identify.
  • Sides and bottom have slats for the produce breathe and for ease in washing.
  • Trays nest inside each other for easy storage.

Resource Materials

To make the most of this valuable program in your school BCAITC and Healthy Families BC have prepared some handy guides, brochures, and posters. Each participating school will receive a package of the following (also available to download) upon joining the Program.

 In-School Coordinator Guide (PDF)

 Teacher Guide (PDF)

 Top Ten Things to Know Poster (PDF)

 Hand Wash Sign (PDF)

Log Sheets

We ask each participating school to submit monthly online log sheets so that we are able to track and monitor the success of the Program. Log sheets for participating schools are available on your school login.

Program Brochure

Each school will receive one copy of the BCSFVNP brochure for each student to take home. Schools can contact us during the school year to receive additional copies for new students and to request the number that they will need for the upcoming school year starting each September.

Allergy Information

It is the school's responsibility to be aware of, and alert us, when someone in their population might be allergic to the fruits and/or vegetables that are scheduled to be delivered. To check the products scheduled to be delivered to your school, go to your school login.

It is each school district's responsibility to keep abreast of any new and current allergy issues. Please consult with your school district in regards to policies, procedures, and the most up-to-date allergy information.

There are many variables in regards to allergies these days, and there are a variety of questions that should be answered before determining that an allergy would have cross-reactivity to related - and unrelated - foods. This is done by way of an "allergy profile" through your student's family physician. Other crucial information that each school should have on hand in regards to students' "allergy profile" is:

  • Is it airborne?
  • Is it by ingestion only?
  • Is it a sensory allergy (through touch)?

If you would like further guidance in this area, please contact your school district.

To see which allergies have been noted for your school, go to your school login. We will cancel deliveries for any allergies that have been check-marked for your school.

Sugar Snap Peas

There is a rare cross-reactivity between sugar snap peas and peanut allergies.  Determining whether a person with peanut allergies is allergic to peas would depend heavily on that person's "allergy profile".  For example, when a student is reported to have a peanut allergy, it is the school's responsibility to ascertain certain details regarding that allergy, such as:

  • Is it a soy-based allergy?
  • Is it a tree-nut based allergy?
  • Is it s a legume-based allergy? (in the case of peas)

If the student has a tree-nut based peanut allergy, then they may not be allergic to anything in the "legume" family, such as the sugar snap peas.  If the student has a legume-based allergy, then they may have an allergy to peas — including our sugar snap peas.

Latex Allergy Information (PDF)

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