Program Resources

BCAITC has created a number of resources and tools to assist teachers in successfully implementing and running the Program in their schools and classrooms. Check your school login for additional resources to run the BCSFVNP in your school.

The BCSFVNP Teacher Guide

The BCSFVNP Teacher Guide includes classroom student participation guidelines, as well as links to lesson plans, classroom resources on agriculture, and information on fruits and vegetables provided.

Student/Parent Brochure

Every participating child will receive a program brochure to take home. It provides parents/guardians and children with additional information including a list of resources and links for information on healthy eating.

Information & Activity Sheets for Primary and Middle School Teachers

The Scoop on This Week’s Snack information sheets are designed to assist teachers in leading their primary students on discussions as they observe the colour, shape, texture, flavour, smell and taste of their snack. Each sheet includes facts, trivia, interesting history, along with information on how the fruit or vegetable is grown and harvested and introduces a related agriculture topic. All presented in a fun and engaging manner.

The Double Scoop on This Week's Snack furthers the discussion by introducing teachers and their students to the growers and suppliers of their classroom snacks. Each Double Scoop profiles a BC grower and their product and engages students in exercises and activities to related to agriculture and incorporating math, language arts and social studies curriculum.

Available in PDF format in colour or black & white, each sheet can be downloaded and printed or displayed on a classroom digital projector or Smart Board.











Scoops and Double Scoops available by product:

Apples - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Apples - Double Scoop  (colour)   (black & white)

Apples Slices - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Baby Bell Peppers - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Blueberries - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Blueberries - Double Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Carrots - Scoop   (colour)  (black & white)

Carrots - Double Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)   (teacher answer key)

Celery - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Celery - Double Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Cucumbers - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Grapes - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Hot House Fruit - Double Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Kiwifruit - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Kiwifruit - Double Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Mandarin Oranges - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Mandarin Oranges - Double Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Peaches - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Pears (D'Anjou) - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Pears (Asian) - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Pears (Bartlett) - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Pears - Double Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Plums - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Plums - Double Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Strawberries - Scoop   (colour)  (black & white)

Strawberries - Double Scoop  (colour)  (black & white)

Sugar Snap Peas - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Tomatoes - Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)

Tomatoes - Double Scoop   (colour)   (black & white)


General Activity Sheets

Sensational Snacks   (colour)   (black & white)

Fortune Teller Activity - 3 sheets   (black & white)


Get To Know Your Scoops Booklet

Most of the Scoops and Double Scoops listed above have been compiled into one spiral bound booklet. Schools participating in the Program receive a copy of Get to Know Your Scoops. Inside the flap is a DVD with of all of the Scoops in the booklet so that teachers and administrators can download them onto their computers for ease in sharing with their students.


Get to Know Your Scoops











Get to Know Your Scoops (PDF)


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